by Bright Whistles

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Released by Deer Child


released 26 June 2012

Logan Hone: Vocals, Baritone Guitar, Flute, Percussion, Loops
Shane Webb: Keyboard, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Recorder, Vocals
Ryan Schade: Drums, Recorder, Vocals (Tracks 1-6)
Jacob Haupt: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Effects (Tracks 7-10)

Tracks 1-6 recorded on July 8, 2011
Tracks 7-10 recorded during August, 2011

Artwork by Nicole Graham



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Giraffe
Long drive down highway
Wind in your face
Music up blasting
Work is the last thing you'd think about!
Boss wants your eyes out
Sunglasses keep him out

Moving so no one will catch you up
Walking so fast they just see your dust
Seeing so far, yeah, beyond the sun
Getting to there, you will have to run

Spots on your back
Yellow, brown attack
Snakes jump and bite ya
but long legs keep you higher..
Giraffe! Giraffe! Giraffe!
Track Name: Glow Mountain
Couldn't ever get my head to glow like the sun 'til i went to the river
Put my paddle into the water
Pushed through the current just like my father did

I saw the sun over the mountain
I saw him come out to play
Track Name: Game Song
It's a game i like to play
counting numbers on the plates
Get points for all the different states

It's a game i like to play
jumping cracks in the cement
Sometimes they're straight, sometimes they're bent
but they don't fool me
cause i got my tricks
my tactics to stay free

It's a game i like to play
staring at one spot for a long time
How long til i get splotchy eyes?

It's a game i like to play
can i hold my breath for a minute underwater?
Yeah, i think i can do it
and it doesn't drown me
cause i got my lungs:
my equipment to breathe!
Track Name: Winner!!!
Dark night wraps you up
Black coat thinks you look tough
Head knows you're not enough
Behind feels a follower
(step, step, step, step) closer!
Streets shows signs, a different kind
(turn, turn, turn) to see behind
Feels like deer, headlights blind
Killer's got you blinded by double dream hands!

Mesmerized, hypnotized
Frozen eyes, one tries
he flies with knives
Has lives, scores highs!
Winner prize

High score gives praise
Everyday winner plays
He's a winner!!!
Track Name: Crow
Drink it through your mouth
Feel it in your throat
Make your parents proud
Never let it go
Feel the water flow
Make your body glow
Your mind is in a drone
Let us hear you crow

With needles as your hair,
What keeps you in the air
Your eyes are in a stare
Always have a prayer
The drum will make you move
Your muscles will improve
for holding up your wings
Black feathers, heavy things

Stay on the line
Wait til the perfect time
to show us how you shine
Track Name: Hitops
Come on!

Stuck in their tracks
Sweat on their backs
Girls on watch
Left the hopscotch
Come on and hop that
Go, go drop the bat
So fast lost your hat
Now get down flat

Kamikaze, are you crazy?
Blood rushing through your legs
Bases loaded, triple plays
To your feet on diamond street

keep it quick
that's the trick
Track Name: Peter Pan
I think it's time we left this city
I think it's time we flew away

Gliding, gliding, gliding above the lights
Hover, hover, hover through the night

Come away, come away tonight
The big hand's on the little hand
and i think it's midnight
To a place where never is forever
Could there be anything better?

Gliding, gliding, gliding above the lights
Hover, hover, hover through the night
Track Name: Underwater
I love the way you look under water
I love the bubbles in your face
Let's make a home down there and never return

And when i'm out of breath
you can give me some air on loan
And when you're out of breath
we can make a home down there and never return
Track Name: Cocoon

You've got a way about you, you know the way
Creepy crawler they call you
"haha!" you say

You've got a way about you, you know the way
Creepy crawler they call you
"Monarch!" you say